2012 Supreme Showdog Contestants

NZ Ch. Palacegarden Lancelot of Parkavon (Imp. UK)

owned by Keith Brown and Robbie Gray

Ch. Fernglen Silence Is Magic

owned by Eliane Watkins

Gr. Ch. Nidra Fortune Chest with Prestonville

owned by Sue Pinnow

NZ Ch. Dapsen Accidental Tourist (Imp. Aust.)

owned by Lyn Costello

Gr. Ch. Hollybrook Ruff And Ready

owned by Jeanette Jack

Ch. Whitestaff The Highway Man

owned by W.J. & B.A. Gardyne

Ch. Brixton Outrageous Fortune (AI)

owned by Gail O'Keefe

NZ Ch. Boduf The Reaction for Nujax (Imp. UK)

owned by Pauline Gregory and Keith Brown

NZ Ch. Martinridge Blarney Kiss (Imp. Aust.)

owned by Mark Lawrence and Catherine McManus

NZ & Aust. Ch. Kana-ka Total Kaos at Arjuna

owned by Libby Clarke

NZ Ch. Cloelly Show Stopper (Imp. Aust.)

owned by Pam Holmes

NZ Ch. Vanleighofs Kiss The Girls (Imp. USA)

owned by Teresa Lawrence

NZ Gr. Ingebars Hot As Hell of Parkavon (Imp. USA)

owned by Keith Brown and Robbie Gray

Gr. Ch. Lealsam Hugo Boss

owned by Andy and Denise Reeve

Gr. Ch. Opalnera Makin It Happen

owned by Milissa Lane and Kevin Box

Ch. Boxton Oh Me Oh My

owned by Gail O'Keefe

Ch. All Fired Up of Taff

owned by Emma Case