2017 Supreme Puppy Contest Contestants.



Ch. Rothkeal Maximillian

Birthdate  & NZKC #: 23rd Feb. 2015   05991-2015

Sire: NZ Ch. Piccino X Factor (Imp. Aust.)

Dam: NZ Ch. Piccino Wonder Woman (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: Gary & Liz Doyle

Owner: Gary & Liz Doyle


Ch. Pillango Wat U Lookin At

Birthdate  & NZKC #: 6th Dec. 2015   02508-2016

Sire: Ch. Pillango Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear

Dam: Sunshoo Imalolita (Imp. UK)

Breeder: Mr. S. & Mrs. T. Bottlik

Owner: M. Lawrence, C. McManus and Mr. S. & Mrs. T. Bottlik


Ch. Tamsam An Addictive Habit

Birthdate  & NZKC #: 1st Jul. 2015   05326-2015

Sire: Ch. Tamsam Limited Edition

Dam: Ch. Tamsam Pin Up Girl

Breeder: Sue Seddon & Pat Plimmer

Owner: Sue Seddon & Pat Plimmer



Ch. Kaeva Dancing With The Devil

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 21st Oct. 2015   01130-2016

Sire: Eng & NZ Ch. Ragus Devil In The Detail for Kreatin (Imp. UK)

Dam: Kaeva Ebony In The Shade

Breeder: Debra Sheddan

Owner: Debra Sheddan



Ch. Kaeva Taken By Storm

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 9th Feb. 2015   02783-2015

Sire: Ch. Kaeva Summer Storm

Dam: Aust. Ch. Kivamynk Diamond Dawn (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: Debra Sheddan

Owner: Debra Sheddan




Southstaff Beat It

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 19th Mar. 2016   03457-2016

Sire: Sup. Ch. Rojeme Pop Gun

Dam:  Ch. Whitestaff Southern Girl

Breeder: Leanne Pride

Owner: Leanne Pride




Ch. Corsair Two Worlds Collide

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 10th Feb. 2016   04861-2016

Sire: Aust. & NZ Gr. Ch. Ryangaye Reason To Celebrate (Aust.)

Dam: Corsair Storm In A Teacup

Breeder: Beth & Trevor Warman

Owner: Beth, Jenny & Trevor Warman



Ch. Winterlea Painted Image

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 6th Dec. 2015   01425-2016

Sire: Ch. Winterlea Lord Of the Manor

Dam: NZ Ch. Kaparia Paint The Town (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: Maree Saunders

Owner: Judith Hyslop



Ch. Hunterspark Miss Dmelza

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 17th Dec. 2015   01714-2016

Sire: Ch. Hunterspark Mr Banslie

Dam: Ch. Hunterspark Miss Hester

Breeder: Martin & Wendy Hewitt

Owner: Martin & Wendy Hewitt



NZ Ch. Shelbrae Such A Cool Me (Imp. Aust.)

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 11th Jun. 2015   2000877940

Sire: Aust. Ch. Louanda What About Me

Dam: Shelbrae Sparkly Design

Breeder: Shelbrae Kennels

Owner: Carolyn Lewis



Ch. Merthyr Wanda Be A Fast Bowler

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 29th Sep. 2015   00632-2016

Sire: Ch. Merthyr Wanda Buck The System

Dam: Ch. Merthyr Wanda Be Simply Supa

Breeder: Lesley Chalmers

Owner: Lesley Chalmers


Ch. Walamara Rapid Rise (AI)

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 16th Mar. 2015   03331-2015

Sire: Can. Ch. Liberators Apache War Bonnet

Dam: Walamara Flying First Class

Breeder: B. Alexander & M. Wissimer

Owner: Robyn Thomas


Ch. Revell Tis Balou's Reign at Straumburg

Birthdate: 25th Jan. 2016 NZKC #: 02129-2016

Sire: Balou House of Avramovie (Italy)

Dam: NZ Ch. Khingsahl We Will Rock You (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: Amy Nicholson

Owner: Amy Nicholson & Mike Bell


NZ Ch. Paceaway Tearz From Heaven at Zolandia (Imp. Aust.)

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 17th Apr. 2015   4100257560

Sire: Aust Ch. Paceaway Xtreme Addiction

Dam: Aust. Ch. Topspott Team Sky

Breeder: Fran Darling

Owner: Pam Norman


Ch. Exmoor Mana Magic

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 9th Dec. 2015   01311-2016

Sire: NZ, Can. Gr. & Am. Gr. Ch. Mardeck's The Sorcer's Son (Imp. Can.)

Dam: Ch. Exmoor All Black Bright Star (AI)

Breeder: Bernard & Vivienne Fears

Owner: Bernard & Vivienne Fears
















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