2018 Supreme Puppy Contest Contestants.



Ch. Gramarye Perfect Timing

Birthdate  & NZKC #: 6th Apr. 2016   03792-2016

Sire: Lorphil Light My Fire

Dam: Gramarye Maid In Gold

Breeder: Janet Collie

Owner: Janet Collie


Ch. Tasdale Boo Guess Who

Birthdate  & NZKC #: 6th Dec. 2016   02880-2017

Sire: Ch. Tasdale Whoopy Doo

Dam: Ch. Tasdale Glad rags

Breeder: Diane Riley

Owner: Diane Riley


Ch. Charlemagne Living Doll

Birthdate  & NZKC #: 28th Aug. 2016   07122-2016

Sire: Ch. Charlemagne Whisprin Jack

Dam: NZ Ch. Firezan Pink Floyd (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: Carrie Tolley

Owner: Carrie Tolley



Ch. Freeman You Can Pick A Daisy

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 21st Sep. 2016   0380-2016

Sire: NZ Ch. Bicerin Amore (Imp. Aust.)

Dam: NZ Ch. You Can Shoot Me Down Bang-Bang (Imp. Hung.)

Breeder: Chris & Belinda Taylor

Owner: Chris & Belinda Taylor



Ch. Corsairs Two Worlds Collide

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 10th Feb. 2016   04861-2016

Sire: Aust. & NZ Gr. Ch. Ryangaye Reason To Celebrate (Imp. Aust.)

Dam: Corsair Storm In A Teacup

Breeder: Beth & Trevor Warman

Owner: Beth, Trevor & Jenny Warman





Ch. Cardhu I Dream A Dream (Imp. Aust.)

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 12th July 2016   3100344884

Sire: CIE SE UCH Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer (SWD)

Dam:  Aust. Ch. Cardhu Flatbush Dreaming

Breeder: J. Waite

Owner: Nigel & Robynne Trainor




Triple J Where Ever I Roam

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 8th June 2016   04757-2016

Sire: Ch. Glentreve Time T Play The Game

Dam: Ch. Glentreve On the Wings Of Dove at Triple J

Breeder: Margaret Fortune

Owner: Margaret Fortune



Freeman Donny Donowitz

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 23rd Jan. 2017   02849-2017

Sire: Shaunuff Quentin Tarantino (Aust.)

Dam: Ch. Freeman Buzzing Bree

Breeder: Chris & Belinda Taylor

Owner: Chris & Belinda Taylor



Ch. Freeman Some Kind Of Trouble

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 6th June 2016   04809-2016

Sire: Freeman Magsachusetts

Dam: Ch. Freeman Buzzing Brie

Breeder: Chris & Belinda Taylor

Owner: Chris & Belinda Taylor



Ch. Pinerock Wot Will Be

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 28th Apr. 2016   03595-2016

Sire: Ch. Pinerock Wots Not To Spot

Dam: NZ Ch. Sanmarlitch Moonshine Mango (Imp. Aust.)

Breeder: jenny Hamilton

Owner: Jenny Hamilton



Ch. Sgurr Winter Soldier

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 13th June 2016   06370-2016

Sire: NZ & Aust. Ch. Sgurr Devious By Nature with Hipoint

Dam: Ch. Sgurr Queen Of Fire Cos Itsgottable

Breeder: K. Andrews & F. Scott

Owner: K. Andrews & F. Scott


Ch. Our Bertie of Pentaki

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 2nd Oct. 2016   00435-2017

Sire: Ch. Drysdale Benji N Gold

Dam: Ch. Daxford Dreamz Ruby

Breeder: Martin Hewitt

Owner: Martin Hewitt


Benbridge Here comes The Sun

Birthdate: 12th Feb. 2017 NZKC #: 03149-2017

Sire: NZ Ch. Bonnymead Autumn Storm (Imp. Aust.)

Dam: Kana-ka A Gold Ingot for Benbridge

Breeder: Hank Faifua & Tony Fox

Owner: Hank Faifua & Tony Fox


Ch. Arjuna Get A Little High at Kana-ka

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 3rd June 2016   04873-2016

Sire: Ch. Arcon Swings Both Ways at Arjuna

Dam: Arjuna Only Inja Dreams

Breeder: Jackie Newton-Williams

Owner: Jackie Newton-Williams

Ch. Flandresfarm Califrnia Heat

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 11th Feb. 2017   02556-2017

Sire: Aust. Sup. Ch. Estrik Naughty By Nature

Dam: NZ Sup. Ch. Vanleighofs California Crusn

Breeder: T.D. Lawrence & R. Alcantara

Owner: Teresa Lawrence





Kauriland Carbon at Brookvale

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 1st Dec. 2016   01802-2017

Sire: Slo. & Aust. Ch. Wenno of Nicolaslion

Dam: Ch. Kauriland Brooke at Brookvale

Breeder: Tony & Judith Marsh

Owner: Tony & Judith Marsh






Shezabull Razors Edge at Codera

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 20th Apr. 2017   04348-2017

Sire: Ch. Karazma Aotearoa (Imp. Aust.)

Dam: Codera Fergie

Breeder: R. Tunnecliffe

Owner: Angela Janssen & Lesley McDonald




Ch. Astre Ace Of Spades

Birthdate:  & NZKC #: 28th Feb. 2017   03545-2017

Sire: Carte Truffle War Of The Titans (Imp. Fin.)

Dam: Ch. Astre Gucci Dragon

Breeder: Mirrilay Andrews

Owner: Mirrilay Andrews & Charmaine Hoeben











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